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How to Become a TEDx Speaker

in 7 Simple Steps



Marks the Stage

This masterclass takes the guesswork out of applying for a position on a TEDx stage near you!

Make 2020 the year you stop dreaming and start daring to take your place on stage.


Before you even

pick up a pen

to tell your story,

you need a plan.


Take the step to bring you closer to the stage.

What you will learn in this masterclass:

  1. How to find a TEDx event near you

  2. The best way to make sure your speech will be a good fit for the event

  3. How to increase your chances of being selected as a TEDx speaker


Shaneequa is a 3x Amazon bestselling author, a transformational TEDx speaker, an educator, and a Master Brand Story Coach. She is not just about motivating & inspiring women, she's more interested in helping them go from potential to purposed kinetic movement in their lives. But the first step starts with discovering + sharing their story. Only then can they create an authentic leadership platform that will positively impact other lives for years to come. That's where Shaneequa comes in.

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