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Class starts August 1, 2021 and ends September 30, 2021

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"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety."

-Abraham Maslow 


What if...

What if you could get your book completed and into the hands of the people who need it...

What if you could then create a signature course and workshop that will take your audience on a journey of transformation that began in the pages of your book...

What if your book could elevate you as the expert in your field and create a space on stage for your message...

What if your book was the key to unlocking the consistent streams of influence, income, and impact you know you were called to have...

Why you want to write your book in 2021...

  • In the noisy online coaching and entrepreneur industries, standing out has gotten harder. 


  • But it tends to be the person who has written a book, a good book, that rises above the crowd and makes it on stage and/or on tv as the authority and expert in their field. 


  • Despite the way the market may look, books are not overrated or played out.

  • 200 MILLION Americans want to write a book. That's 81% of this country. 


  • These numbers shouldn't scare you; in fact, they should thrill you because you have a chance to become an author and you don't have to wait for the New Year to paste that goal on a vision board.

    And the good news is...

  • Anyone can become an author...

  • The publishing industry has opened up to independent authors. 

  • Self-publishing has become a viable and respected option. 

  • Many self-published authors have created a lucrative income for themselves.

  • You no longer have to create the Great American Novel to become an author.

So if it's so easy to become an author, why isn't everyone doing it?

To write a book that will attract & impact the right audience, you want to 

  • discover the right story to focus on 

  • uncover the writing method and schedule that works best for you 

  • get your book written without waiting for "someday"

  • write  your book quickly yet thoroughly for the reader's best experience

  • learn how to write, edit, and publish your book while creating a frenzy for it

Writing a book is actually not the hard part of the process yet...


97% who start their book will never finish.

Why is that? 

A few reasons. 

  • They lack the guidance to writing their story. 

  • They lack the accountability to get it done and so life easily takes over.

  • They lack the support to keep going and to celebrate all wins, no matter how small.

  • They lack the proven system that has taken the guesswork out of writing a book. 

Writing a book can be a lonely road to navigate but it doesn't have to be. 

When you get with a coach, you feel empowered...

brenda testimonial.png

You unlock the stories that live inside you...

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You write the book that makes a difference


Combined with my masters in Instructional Design, years of teaching & writing experience, educational background, and publishing expertise,  I've developed a transformational program with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process for taking your book from your mind to the market place. 

Introducing Walk in AUTHORity,

the Ultimate Book Writing Program!

Walk in AUTHORity  (2).png

A program made just for you...

The Walk in AUTHORity group coaching program is for the entrepreneur who is tired of putting off writing the book that's been burning inside of them.


  • You know you have a story worth telling and sharing.

  • You know that story will impact and empower others to make positive changes in their own lives.

  • You know no one will be able to tell your story the way it really needs to be told. 

You just need to know how to get started and how to get it done. 

Inside you'll discover...

  • Why the time to write your book is now

  • How to write your book without falling prey to Writer's Block

  • The seven simple steps to writing a book that matters

  • Multiple methods for creating an income from your story

  • Social media strategies for generating a buzz ahead of your launch

  • How to publish your book on multiple platforms

  • and so much more!

You're not going to find a program around that will fully equip you with the tools to use your book's message to impact the world.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here's what people are saying about Walk in AUTHORity!

How will you rock the rest of 2021?

Kick it off with your book!

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"This sounds great but how much to join?"

You're not going to want to be a part of the 97% of people who try and fail at writing a book because you're not going to do it alone. 
When you invest in yourself today, you're getting 15 weeks of live coaching and live Q & A sessions...
A tried-and-true rinse & repeatable method for writing your book quickly and completely...
And a private group community for support and feedback.
When you consider that you're getting a COMPLETE, guided roadmap for getting your book from your mind to the market place, creating an income stream that can generate several more income streams, then you know this step-by-step program could easily be $7500.
But, when you lock in your seat today, you will get this life-changing program for the special thank you price of $497. Insane. 

Upgrade to Grad Level for just $997!

In addition to everything that comes with the Walk in AUTHORity Bootcamp, you'll get:

  • 2 90-minute 1-on-1 sessions with Shaneequa to use before December 31, 2021 (valued at $497 each)

  • An additional weekly workshop each Thursday to go over completed assignments for a deeper dive in a smaller group setting (limit 5 students)

It's time to execute the excuses and be a part of the 3%.


I don't want you to miss this class because I have no idea when I'll ever offer it again.


So if you're unable to make the payment in one lump sum, don't fret! You can take advantage of a 3-month equally split payment plan of $175 per month (Grad Level students will pay $375 x 3). If you need this option, please email me so we can make arrangements. 

Don't hesitate because, if this class does come back, it will be at the $7500 enrollment rate it's supposed to be!


Hey there! I'm Shaneequa, a mom and former teacher turned Master Brand Story Coach™. 


In 2015, I was full of the excuses I thought were good reasons:

  • I was too tired to write. 

  • I didn't have money to publish. 

  • I'd been rejected by an agent before. 

  • I didn't have time to write. 

  • I didn't know where to start with marketing. 


When I began writing my book, I didn't have a plan or any guidance. I was alone and overwhelmed with going from author to authorpreneur to storypreneur. I didn't want that to happen to you or anyone else whose story has yet to be told. And so Walk in AUTHORity™ was born.

Continue below for some frequently asked questions about the program.

Here are the As to your Qs!

How can writing a book help me in business?

There are several reasons to write a book:

  • Establish your expertise in the field.

  • Create another stream of income.

  • Stand out from other coaches, consultants, strategists, and the like.

  • Increase your message's credibility amongst your desired audience.

  • Provide the low-hanging fruit that will attract people into your circle.

  • Build your mailing list with an offer inside of the book. 

  • Use platforms with a larger network, such as Amazon, reaching more of your ideal client/customer.

  • Hone your message for speaking on the stage or creating a targeted program.

  • Endless reasons! 

When does class start? 

Class starts August 1, 2021 and runs through September 30, 2021. Live lectures take place Tuesday evenings at 8PM EST/5PM PST.  Live Q & As take place on Sunday evenings at 7PM EST. 


What is my time commitment?

Live lectures will be no longer than an hour. Replays will be available. It is strongly suggested you allot 5 hours during the week to get the assignments and writing done.

Do we have lifetime access to the course?

No, the course is limited one-year access. Replays will be posted in a members-only Facebook group to allow for catchup, support, and questions. The time limit is to make sure you complete your book and not leave it waiting for "some day". However, you will have the workbooks to help you should you not finish before the end of class.

I'm Grad Level; can I use one of my one-on-one calls after the class ends?

Yes, you may schedule your calls up to 4 weeks after class ends.

What is your refund policy?

You're entitled to a full refund, no questions asked, within the first 7days of class. Just email your cancellation request/notice to shaneequa@thewritediva.com. After 7 days, there will be no refund. 

If there's any question that I didn't answer, please email me at shaneequa@thewritediva.com

Don't wait to make your dream a reality.

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