Refocus on Your Vision

There's no such thing as a perfect time. There's only the time you make.


I repeat: there's no perfect time.


There's priority time.

Make it a priority to get refocused. It's needed because we're going through a scary time and who truly knows how long it will last. We can get stuck in the dark uncertainty or we can be the light.

I want to be the light.

And, if you have been assigned to be the light as well, it's time to start showing up.

So no matter this darkness that's happening, whatever it is that you are debating about, whatever it is that you are waiting on or sitting on, this is your time to show up and shine.

This isn't about money. The money will come because your purpose will take care of you.

This is about purpose.

This is about you showing up.

This isn't about some business strategy.

This is about you being the light, the beacon in the darkness.

You need to show up for people as you have been assigned because people are assigned to you and so is their purpose. So is their assignment of being a light for other people.

You can be the candle in the dark that lights the flame of others.

You are a candle. It's time to shine.

So show up and be that candle.

If you're ready to do that, ready to answer the call, rise to the challenge and click the link below to grab the training.