Sexual assault. Domestic violence. Divorce. Losing a parent. Losing a child. Breast cancer. Poverty & struggle. All of these things have the potential to send a person spiraling into the abyss of depression. The mark of strength is learning to find purpose in the pain and turning tragedy to triumph. March 11th through March 19th, join us as 9 women share their experiences of rising from the ashes, giving you the tools to do the same. 

You are NOT alone. 

Day 5: Vanessa Canteberry is the Founder and CEO of InspiredByVanessa. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She’s determined to continue to break the cycle of poverty, negligent, and unnecessary hardship. Vanessa worked in Corporate America for 20 years as a Secretary. After being laid off in 2011, she knew something needed to change, knowing she was a single parent of three. Now, she is a business owner, Speaker, Mindset Coach, co-host on Motivate Social Podcast, Best Selling Author, working from the comfort of her home. She is also committed to teaching individuals how they, too, can become a business owner and overcome obstacles in their life.

Day 2: Trasetta Alexander is the Founder and CEO of Sister Spotters LLC, an entrepreneurship support network for women. She is passionate about empowering others to fully pursue their purpose and be their most productive self. She believes no one can obtain any level of success alone. Success comes through clarifying your vision, creating an action plan and developing a network of success partners. She freely shares stories of her own struggles to overcome life’s challenges in an effort to empower others to face their own, knowing they are well equipped to conquer them to create the life of their dreams.

Day 7: Arlene Major aka Lady Blue, uses her platform to bring positivity to the community.  As a writer, blogger, recently published author and radio show host, her show(s) The Lady Blue Radio Show and Covenant Connection, both on showcase those making a difference in and around their community. Arlene is also a domestic violence survivor who is not afraid to share her story and also advocates the fight against domestic violence by hosting a yearly event called 50 Shades of Blue Baltimore.

Day 4: Ms. Alexis Nelson has 15 years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school grades. A certified school administrator, Ms. Nelson has been Teacher of The Year three times since 2011 and a 22-time classroom grant winner, as well as the recipient of many other prestigious awards. Ms. Nelson is currently a doctoral student at Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, Louisiana, set to graduate in the field of Christian Counseling on May 18, 2018. A sexual assault and domestic violence survivor, she wants to open her practice to help others become overcomers. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with family, and working on her two online businesses, one of which is for teachers.

Day 8: Tanyka Gilbert is a passionate, dynamic speaker with a unique message that touches the hearts and minds of those with whom she interacts. With a transparent and down to earth style, Tanyka passionately fulfills her Isaiah 61 mandate, to minister hope, healing and wholeness. She authentically speaks of how God has transformed her life, bringing her from behind the veil of such traumas as sexual abuse and addiction, to a life of freedom and wholeness.  


Knowing God was ordering her steps, Tanyka birthed Behind The Veil Consultations, PLLC, a Christian counseling private practice and Behind The Veil Ministries, LLC, which is dedicated to ministering in the areas of sexual and relational brokenness. In 2016, Tanyka Co-founded a Life and Relationship Coaching Practice, Live On Purpose, LLC. 


Tanyka obtained her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice, from West Chester University and a Masters of Social Work  from Howard University, in 1999.  She is also a Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker, holding an active license in 5 states.

Day 6: Carmelita Mcroy is a speaker who delivers presentations that are empowering, encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting. She has overcome many obstacles in her life from being a teen mom, being abused, raising eight children alone, losing two children, to being homeless twice.  But with her faith she made it through.


As a result, Carmelita founded Speaking Truth, LLC, a company born to assist and teach all women how to live the life they were created to live. She is also an author, coach, certified Phlebotomist, and the previous editor of Pneuma magazine.  She holds a degree in Christian Ministry from Ohio Christian University; she completed both the HR Management Academy and  Steve Siebold's speakers course.


One quote she likes to leave with her listeners is; "Expect It, Believe It, Receive It!"

Day 3: Camille Telicia is a transformational coach based in

Atlanta, GA and is the owner of CamTel Innovations, a business consulting company.


Camille is passionate about empowering others to realize their greatness and their dreams. She especially loves to do this through the vehicle of entrepreneurship because of the powerful role personal development and growth play within the journey to growing a successful business.

Camille recently authored her first book, Shut the Stuff Up, a personal development book designed to help readers shut down the fears, false stories, and limiting beliefs that hold them hostage from their goals. Camille also hosts a recurring networking event around Atlanta called Network & Chill as well as a podcast called Camille over Chai. 

Camille is an alumna of the University of Georgia and

Florida Institute of Technology. She is the

Co-Organizer of the Carol M Clahar Memorial Scholarship Fund, created in honor of her mother.

Day 1: LeaAnn Fuller is a successful Entrepreneur, Women’s Transformational and Fuller Life Coach, Amazon #1
International Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Show Host. She is the founder and CEO of Fuller Life, LLC where she empowers women to get out of their own way to transform their life, find their greatness, and to live their Fuller Life.


LeaAnn guides them to clarity about what it is they
want, why, and what is standing in their way so that they can quit living small and begin living their Fuller Life. She is also the founder of Adopt-A-Mom for Christmas to give back to moms in need over the holidays that she is turning into a year-round movement to support single and struggling moms year-round. She is the Program Director for WBOC, The Premier Organization for Women in Business in CNY.

Day 9: Dr. Aikyna Finch is a Podcaster, Social Media Coach and Speaker. She is also a Forbes Coaches Council Member, an author, and an educator. She coaches in the areas of Empowerment, Life and Social Media at the individual and groups levels from her company Finch and Associates LLC. She co-hosts the Motivate Social Podcast broadcasted by her company Changing Minds Online. Aikyna speaks about Motivation, Education and Social Media and avidly livestream on these topics. She is the Founder of the Scope Mastermind Group on Facebook, where she helps new livestreamers get used to the platform through the vehicle of Pass the Casts. Dr. Finch can be found at DrADFinch on all Social Media Platforms.

What to do after #MeToo?

I'm Shaneequa, the Founder of the Ready to ROCK™ Movement. I'm also an author, educator, speaker, Story Strategist and Clarity Coach. I help aspiring entrepreneurs recognize they’re not only called but qualified to step into their power, passion, and purpose to make profit.

I'm also a sexual assault (rape) survivor. The R2R movement was born because the #MeToo movement wasn't leading to action. Brave women spoke up by using such a simple hashtag but there was nothing in place for them after posting on social media. Having published a book two year prior, detailing ways to enjoy life again, I knew I had a tool to help.

But a friend pointed out how the book could help many survivors of other tragedies. I put a call out and, sure enough, as the stories poured in, it became evident 1) so many were hurting and 2) I needed help to reach more people. And the R2R Movement came to life. May it help you enrich yours.

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