• Shaneequa Cannon

Remember Your Awesome

So many of my clients forgot how awesome they are. The same with so many of my friends. And the same with complete strangers with whom I only share a Facebook group membership. ⁣

So many talk about the trap of marriage, of having unsupportive partners or spouses. ⁣

No they don’t use those exact words, but the sentiment is the same.⁣

A husband who expects a clean house and cared for children as well as financial contribution from his wife...⁣

A husband who controls the purse strings so that he continues the role of father to his wife instead of partner...⁣

A husband who doesn’t do his part around the house expecting a mother disguised as a wife...⁣

A husband or significant other (SO) who belittles his partner’s efforts by suggesting she’s playing or wasting time online...⁣

A husband or SO who assumes the role of superior by “letting” his partner engage in side hobby opportunities...⁣

There are so many ACCEPTED variations to this story but it all boils down to this...⁣

Not being evenly yoked.⁣

Maybe when you got together, you started out being dependent...⁣

Maybe when you had a child, you were immensely grateful for the opportunity to stay at home & be fully present in your child’s life...⁣

Maybe you mistakenly thought giving up your career was the appropriate thing to do...⁣

But at some point you grew and he remained the same.⁣

Reclaim your awesome. Don’t dim your light. ⁣

A ring has the ability to turn into a noose real quick.⁣

Take your time to seek out who you are before you find yourself in a scenario with someone who prefers to keep you stagnant. ⁣

Then allow your light to attract someone who shines just as brightly. ⁣

Marriage is a plant that needs good soil. ⁣

Yes it will be watered by tears and strengthened by sun, but it needs to be planted in soil that will feed it and encourage its growth.⁣

Only then can its roots deepen.⁣

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