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Putting Down the Phone

This Sunday, I got quite an awakening. iPhone has an update when it tells you how much you’re using your phone and on what.

I’ve been in a state of stillness. I haven’t done anything in my business over the last two weeks.

And yet, my phone was always in my hand.

Ok, backtrack, it’s not totally true that I’ve done nothing in my business but it definitely felt like it as I was continuing to move in circles and getting nothing done.

And I’ve also played Toon Blast waaaaaay too much.


So that very same evening (last night at midnight), I deleted the Facebook app, Messenger app, and Toon Blast app from my phone.

I still have access to Facebook on my computer so it wasn’t a cold turkey type of thing.

But, I don’t like logging into my computer (it moves so slow compared to the quick functionality of my phone) and so I’ve been a bit deterred from staying on Facebook long.

I have accessed it through the browser on my phone but, again, it doesn’t feel as good or move as fast as the app Version.

However, I’ve reached for my phone a thousand times in the last five hours (woke up at 8, took a 10-130 nap) only to immediately notice my missing Facebook app.

Then I would swipe to Toon last and, again, find it gone.

Then I would swipe back to find Messenger gone as well.

It’s only day 1 so I can’t say I’ve been productive much. I haven’t even completed a page of the workbook I have to complete yet.

But I have picked it up and I’ve listened to my coach give a 20-minute talk.

I’ve also done a few Instagram stories to keep playing with the algorithm.

Typing this blog post on my phone is the longest I’ve been on it today— besides that 20-minute video from my coach.

It’s habit-breaking and habit-forming time.

And it feels hard but this isnt what hard is.

Hard is working hard and getting nowhere.

Hard is being busy yet getting nowhere.

Hard is my chikdren seeing me constantly on my phone and me feeling guilty bc i know it‘s getting me nowhere.

I haven’t cut off social media; I’ve cut off social media addiction— namely Facebook.

Time to put the phone down.

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