• Shaneequa Cannon

Got a Lil Sumn Sumn Done

Ok so I’m learning that, by default, I’ve become a pretty unproductive person these last few years.

I find it easier to do more than procrastinate— to just do nothing But to make sure I look busy doing something.

It’s more than being lazy.

If I just don’t try, then I can’t fail. Nothing could be expected from nothing, right?

As long as I looked like I was trying, then I was able to trick myself into thinking I actually was trying.

And I was able to trick everyone else.

Now, with my time wasters gone, I’m actually having to work to look like I’m working.

What a conundrum!

So today, I reserved space for three live workshops here in Atlanta and created an Eventbrite for another live workshop at my home.

I also booked three dental appointments and did an engaging post in my Storypreneur Academy group on Facebook.

And I played a game with my daughter. Mommy win.

Sigh. But it’s still hard. I keep grabbing for my phone. Keep unlocking the screen to be disappointed by the sight of the missing apps.

I did scroll on the internet facebook page but it just isn’t the same.

Day 2 down. Sigh...I don’t even know how many more to go. I have no set end date.

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