• Shaneequa Cannon

It’s not lonely at the top

I’ve often heard people say, “It’s lonely at the top”. But when I was in Vegas, every morning I looked out at the mountains just on the other side of the airport. There was no ONE mountain— that would be a volcano. It was a range of mountains. After I traveled up the top of one with my eyes, I would have to travel down it to visually climb up the next. And that’s life. After you master one thing, you don’t stay there; you go and master another. And the way you do it is not by hopping mountain top to mountain top. You have to climb down to begin climbing up again. It’s called learning— a different mountain requires different steps. However, what you learned in the last will carry over and aid you in climbing the next one successfully. If you’re ready to master the storytelling mountain, check out the Cash in on Your Story 5-day email series I have for you.

It will help you realize that your are the perfect person to share your story and how you can begin cashing on it right now.

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