• Shaneequa Cannon

Netflix for the Win...and Save

Netflix saves me from boredom. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying some of their original movies on a professional level and a mindless-binge level. Oh sure there are some plot issues or story issues in them but, for the price of an $11 a month ticket (subscription), I won’t complain. 

There are fresh movies like Kissing Booth, #RealityHigh, Candy Jar, When We First Met, Dtep Sisters (I really liked this one) . Was going to say “and” but there was no “and”. Oh yeah, did not enjoy  The Week Of...in fact I couldn’t finish it. It was incredibly boring. 

Got some more writing on my own screenplay done. So that’s a major bonus to being on this social media hiatus. I deleted HayDay last night. now Best Friends is the game saving me from my insanity. Going to have to delete that tonight as well. 

So this has been the report for day...whatever this is. I’m off to write some more and to clean up my room. FYI: laundry sucks. Sorting. Washing. Hanging. Folding. Totally sucks. 

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