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I don’t even know what day this is of my social media fast. Um...it’s not going great. I’ve been cheating big time with HayDay, which has totally kept me unproductive. I’ve even resorted to mentally yelling at myself to put the phone down as I plant corn, carrots, and wheat. And I keep replying, “In one minute. I just need to...[xyz]”. 

The good thing is I have a writing accountability partner so I’ve at least been getting some writing done, albeit late. I mean it IS 2AM right now and I’m still not finished with this scene. But the other good thing is, with me no longer working and me not mindlessly scrolling through others’ lives on Facebook, my characters are talking to me. So whenever I get stuck in a scene, I play HayDay. Meanwhile there’s a running conversation going between the characters to help play out what the scene needs. When I hear enough of it, I come back to the computer and pound out a few more pieces of action and dialog. 

I would say it’s going well all things considering.  But I’m on page 22 and have not even introduced the problem yet. And that’s a problem in itself. But I’ll keep writing. Editing can happen later. 

Side note: bedtime stories are so fun with The Minis. 

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