• Shaneequa Cannon

Social Media Fast: End of Day 1

I don’t know how I’m going to make it six more days but I will say that today has been my most productive in a long time. 


Sorted, washed, and dried four loads of clothes

bleached my favorite dress

Put up the clothes for the twins, myself, and dude

cleaned the twins’ room

went for a walk w the twins

had family time with three of my kids

washed the dishes

baked a cake

fed the twins 

encouraged a friend to get to writing

made a blog post

read a bedtime story to the twins

and...cheated by playing Hay Day for hours. 

Oh and I peeped in on my social media via the internet. BUT I responded to nothing. In my defense I landed on Facebook thanks to a sneaky email. 😑

Yeah, I really have no idea how I will survive these next six days. I do have writing to do as well as design a book writing program before I launch it. But, in accordance to the Procrastinators Oath, I will do those things tomorrow. 

Over and out. G’nite. 

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