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Nia's life was perfect. She had a good job, great friends, a precocious daughter, and a 10-year marriage to her best friend, Cameron. But Cameron does her dirty-- in fact, Cameron does her cold. He leaves his wedding ring and divorce papers in the freezer, knowing Nia would find them there when he was long gone. After months of pretending life was still grand, Nia one day breaks down. Her friends do their best to pick her up-- one even going as far as to suggest a Nia has a one night stand to get her groove back. Nia locks eyes on Donovan as her target and that hunt takes her out of her comfort zone and on a trip in search of the one night stand she planned. But what she hadn't planned was being on the same island as her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, Donovan's sister. Now Nia must decide which path her heart should to take before she ends up losing any chance of her own happily ever after.