If you're ready to get clear on your story, create a kick-butt online content strategy, AND develop products your audience will love, then you'll want to book an Ignite Your Vision mini-intensive.


But first a question:


Which of these sounds like you?

Shaneequa Cannon Business blueprint coaching consulting review

A. Unsure how to monetize your life-changing experience.

If you've ever been thrown a curve ball that made you want to drop your bat and stop playing the game of life, yet somehow you managed to grip the bat tighter and adjust your swing, then chances are you're ready to show other people how to step up to the plate and in life. You have the experience, now you just need a plan to create a profitable path with your passion/purpose.

Create a sales funnel from your genius and expertise.

B. In need of a plan to show up, get noticed, and increase your clientele.

Having all the answers to the problems your target market + audience have doesn't do you any good if the people don't know you exist and how to pay you. Social media has changed the game as to how online businesses operate. Not only do you need to show up, you need to show the authentic you. There are too many mediocre folks out there playing at business so it's time to show them what's the real.

Shaneequa Cannon review

C. Not sure how to articulate what it is you want to do or how to make money doing it.

So often, we take our gifts for granted. Because they come so easy to us, we struggle with finding the value in them, no matter how others view them. Or we struggle with even seeing them as gifts. It takes someone outside of ourselves to help us see and value what we haven't even considered worthy (including ourselves). But "success leaves clues" and, when we look back, we can find the trail of who it is we've become.  It then becomes something to name, build upon + monetize. 

D. Know you've been called to show up in a big way but struggle with the what, why, how of creating a platform.

When your vision is big, you can get overwhelmed with the fulfillment of it. You can see the overall picture but grabbing all the pieces and fitting them together can be quite daunting if not near impossible. That often means you're too close to the problem and need help stepping back to see how everything works together. 

Ignite Your Vision review
Shaneequa Cannon Review

E. All of the above.

I Can Help You.

I wasn't prepared for the tidal wave of anxiety and confusion that sank my spirits. Because I was no longer a teacher, I didn't know what my value was, what I had to offer, and how to get people to pay attention to me the way my students did. 

I was lost and often wished for a business checklist that would make this entrepreneurship thing easier. I cried many a nights, frustrated that I couldn't find my niche, my one thing. So I gave up & went back to the classroom.

Finally I sought help, got a coach, and got clear. Y'all, success leaves clues. My one thing is the same thing I've done my whole life-- helped people make sense out of theirs. 

Did you see the testimonials? (Click on them, they pop out. Boo-yah! I got techy). I'm a firestarter. I am Drew Barrymore! (old school joke). 

I help people throw gas on their vision + light them on fire. Let me help you ignite your vision

I'm Shaneequa, a Story Strategist and MindShift Coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs recognize they’re not only called but qualified to step into their power, passion, and purpose to make profit.

I too know the struggles of having gifts & talents yet not knowing how to put them together in a way that made sense for social media. 

In August 2015, I had my Quit Day, leaving behind 10 years of classroom teaching to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship. I knew there had to be something better out there, that there was more to life than teaching to a test then being judged by 1 day out of 180.

But I fell flat on my face.

Ready to Go on a Journey to Clarity?

So wherever you are on your entrepreneurial path, whether you have an idea or it's already up and running, we can work together to gain clarity, create content, get visible, and develop a product funnel that will entice the right kind of buyers to you. When you decide to ignite your vision and walk into it, you'll find that it wasn't even big enough; it was just the beginning. 


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