#MeToo Now What?

If you have experienced mind-altering sexual trauma, no matter if it was "simply" an inappropriate comment or a touch or if it was so much more, no one gets to dictate how you feel about it. No one gets to demand that you get over it and move on. And no one gets to lock you into the label of being an abuse victim.


But you do get to heal


In this book, Giving Yourself Permission, I share the ways I was finally able to emotionally & mentally get off that bed over 10 years later. These are steps you can take to begin reclaiming your life, your voice, and your choice. 

You matter. You always did. 


Get the book. 

For $15USD, you'll receive a personalized paperback copy of Giving Yourself Permission: Reclaim Your Life after Sexual Assault-- shipping included.

$5 from every purchase through this site will be donated to the

Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault,  located in Decatur, GA.