Ready to ROCK

your message?

2hr Master Class

Have you envisioned yourself on a TEDx stage, delivering a powerful message worth spreading?


Have you seen yourself behind a table at a book signing with a mile long line of people waiting to meet you and get your autograph on the book that changed their lives, the book you wrote?


Or have you wondered how you could pull all your jumbled thoughts together to create a signature message that would attract and impact the people you’re here to serve with it?


Are you tired of waiting to share your message because you don't know:

  • where to begin

  • what to include

  • or how to pull it all together?

The Ready to ROCK Your Message two-hour master class is just the thing you need to make telling your story simple.


Using my rinse & repeat 7-T Storytelling Method, you will:


✩Discover the stories that will captivate your audience​

✩Get clear on your message

✩Structure your message in an easy-to-understand format

✩Gain confidence in your story and its purpose in your business

✩and save time with a system that you can use over and over again.


You also get the opportunity to interact with me and get your questions answered LIVE so you don't want to miss your opportunity to participate for FREE!

Class begins promptly at 7 PM EST on Wednesday, July 10th.


After this live class, the master class will be offered as a paid self-paced course. If you can't attend live, you can pre-order the replay and the accompanying workbook for a super special rate of just $37, more than 80% off of its $197 price!


Space is limited so register for the class NOW!

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On the Road to TEDx

In December 2018, I wrote "Become a TEDx speaker" on the top of my 2019 goal sheet. Then I applied. I never expected to get it because I have applied a number of times before, putting down the things I thought they wanted to hear. As a result, I'd also been rejected a number of times.


But this time was different.


This time my application wasn't filled with stats and numbers and twenty years of extensive research to impress the people judging the applications for worthiness. I went with the message that was in my heart. I went with my experience. I told the stories that supported the message I thought was worth spreading. Not even a month later, I was looking at an email that said I had advanced to the second round. A month later, I was on stage. 

Telling stories isn't some magic trick. As humans, we've known how to tell stories since we learned to talk or write or dream. As children, we didn't let ourselves get caught up in the fear of doing it wrong. We shared what we had in our hearts and in our minds. We shared our experiences and offered up slivers of our imagination. 

It is my desire, as a Transformational Story Coach, aka, Storypreneur Strategist, to help others rediscover their unique voice and to uncover the multitude of ways they can use it to tell their stories, attracting the audiences that vibe with their message. It's time to use your influence to create income and impact.