Speakers and Service-based Entrepreneurs

 need books too 

I'll give you 5 reasons WHY, as a speaker or service-based entrepreneur, writing a book will be good for your business. 

  1. Eighty percent of American people want to write a book but the majority of them don't. That means you'll be one of the relative few who has done it-- which sets up apart and makes you a person to look up to and learn from. In other words, it makes you credible.

  2. There may be many speakers out there who talk on the same subjects you speak on. There may be  many entrepreneurs providing the same services you provide. But there's only one person with your story that can make the connections you can with your audience. Your story and the connections you create are what makes you relatable.

  3. Sometimes your market seems crowded by the people who do or speak on the same things you do. But, going back to #1, many of them haven't written a book sharing their knowledge and making them more accessible to a wider range of people. However, as the person who literally wrote the book on the subject, that will make you more reputable and make you stand out.

  4. People throw away business cards. People don't throw away books. They remember the person who gave them a book and shared their story. So writing a book and sharing your story makes you more memorable

  5. When you share and make connections to the real world and your audience from your story, you will never run out of content to share-- be it for your book, a course, blog posts, an article, social media, videos, etc. 

As you can see, your story has the power to help you create the life you've imagined. By using it to connect to your audience, you can increase the level of influence you have in creating positive change in this world, as well as impact the people your story can and will touch-- all while giving you the ability to create one to several streams of income. Yes. From your story. Yes. From what you've been through. Don't just be an entrepreneur; be a Storypreneur™. 

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