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25 Ways DopeA$$ StorySeller

Make Bank after Their Book!

Finally, a masterclass that takes the guesswork out of achieving the dream of authorpreneurship.

This FREE masterclass is just what you need BEFORE you write a single word.

Before you even

pick up a pen

to tell your story,

you need a plan.


What will you do with your book?

It took me ten years to write my first book but only four days to write my second.


What was the difference?


I wrote the first book for me then I realized my story was bigger than me; my story was to help someone else better navigate the waters I nearly drowned in. When the purpose became bigger than the desire, writing the book was easy. But then I was left with the question, "What next".


After this master class, you'll not only have an answer to that question, you'll also have a plan. Hi, I'm Shaneequa Cannon, your Master Brand Story Coach.

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