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I'm Shaneequa, the Master Brand Story Coach,

aka the Storypreneur Strategist.

I help spirit-led entrepreneurs shape, communicate, and monetize their passion by leading with their stories.


I know what it's like to be so full of potential that the present reality leaves you unsatisfied, maybe even bitter. I know what it's like to have big dreams and not know how to turn them into achieved goals.

I know what it's like to feel unworthy, undeserving, and even not enough for a successful purpose-filled life.

And I know what it's like to know you have all the pieces but don't know how to pull them all together to move forward. 


But I also know how to recognize the blocks and make the shifts necessary for progress. The path to purpose + profit is a whole lot smoother when you work with someone who can not only show you the steps to walk in your life but also made the strides in their own.


If you're finally ready to stop sitting on the sidelines and are looking for a MindShift Coach, I'm that someone for you.

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Experienced Life Coaching Professional

Sat on the Rocks

“Stretch your mind and you will reach beyond your current reality.”

TemitOpe Ibrahim


Happy Clients

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“Wow. Just wow. My head is spinning and feels like it's going to explode. This lesson just took me places I had no idea I would go. Before I even did the brain storm or the brain dump, I came up with a whole funnel program for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. (FB group, online webinar, retreat.) This is huge because I have been trying to work out my specific audience and message forever with no luck narrowing it down...I also realized a lot about myself, and how all the seemingly separate parts of my life actually fit together quite well. I even have some ideas to use for re-writing my "about me" page for my website....This is the most I've accomplished in weeks, and it all came pouring out in a few hours....I am so grateful for this course and for you Shaneequa Cannon!  ”

K. Cooper

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“Great morning Shaneequa (I literally searched "The Write Diva" so I could find you to send you this...lol)! I just wanted to reach out to you personally let you know that your words to me on Dr. Finch pass the cast stuck with me like GORILLA GLUE! LOL. So I had to say THANK YOU for being a vessel to further confirm what God has placed in me. I know it was nobody but God that sent you on my scope to position me to envision my lanes as a HIGHWAY. That was POWERFUL and I just had to let you know personally queen. Blessings and love! ”

C. Exantus

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“Today was a nail-biter! Wow,! As I walked to my daughter's school to pick her up I had a spring in my step (and I was running late). It's like I have a secret--a sweet one. I found the lessons immensely helpful. I love brainstorming, but since that comes easily to me, I LOVE the structure that followed.”

G. Smith

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“I guess it's time to accept the "leader" title I've been avoiding for decades! Funny how when other people say something about you it still doesn't sit right until you discover it for yourself! You could be a life coach Shaneequa! You've taught about so much more than just writing! I was content knowing i had taken some risks this year but now i realize that i need to KEEP taking more risks! I don't want to look back on my life with any "what if's" !"”

J. Dwight

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“Shaneequa! Thank you so much for helping me. The way that you were able to piece together my own words and ideas to create MY story was epic. I am so glad that I recorded it because you were dropping GEMS faster than I could write them down. You truly have a gift with words and hearing people's stories!”

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Master Brand Story Coach

For years I struggled to put a label on what I do. As a person who has been spiritually in-tuned since I was a child, seeing people's gifts and their path of power came as natural to me as breathing. As a teacher, I became aware of my gift. I could talk to students and reach them on a level that didn't make sense to anyone else but it did to me. I could literally see them, the real them underneath the layers of doubt and dirt and bravado and fear. I could see the power even in the hardest to reach child. That gift carried its way over into my everyday life-- friendships, relationships, acquaintanceships. I would get what I call Divine Downloads-- visual images of the life path a person is to take in specific endeavors. In 2017, I realized that, with this gift, I had been shifting people out of their own way and reflecting back to them their power that lies within. I've done this my whole life, helping others create content and develop a business strategy. Now I get to share this gift with my clients. Not only can we talk business but we can talk purpose. No dream to me is silly or a waste of time when the calling and the anointing are woven into the fabric of your desires. I won't just inspire or motivate you. You already have that. I will help you walk into your passion, purpose, and power to make profit.