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A free master class for coaches & consultants looking to be public speakers



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Sharing your story has never been easier.

In this 2-hr master class, learn how to share your story in a way that is impactful.

And you don't have to do it alone. 

I will help you: 
💎Get clear on your core message
💎Outline your message

💎Create a writing plan for sharing your message through your story

So make "some day" today! Grab your seat in the class, Smash that Register Now button!

Your tribe is waiting on you. 


Shaneequa is a bestselling author two times over, a transformational speaker, and an educator. She is not just about motivating & inspiring women, she's more interested in helping them go from potential to purposed kinetic movement in their lives. But the first step starts with discovering + sharing their story. Only then can they create an authentic leadership platform that will positively impact other lives for years to come. That's where Shaneequa comes in.


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