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Hey everybody! It is me, Shaneequa, Master Brand Story Coach. And, if you are here on, then that means you are ready to take your story to the public-- be it on stage or on a page or on your social media business profiles (or business social media profiles).  But what's also really dope about this is, if you are making the first step to better tell your story, then that means you understand you're going to get that thing I call the TRIPLE C: Content,  Copy, and Clarity. 


Three things that you definitely need to have inside of your business because those three things are going to give you what we call the TRIPLE I. You are going to:






So, if you are here for that, then you are in the right place. 


So let me tell you a little about me, just in case you're new to me. 


I am a 13-year veteran of the education system. I used to teach high school English. I'm an author, a screenwriter, and, soon-to-be, a 2x TEDx speaker. 


So I know something about this thing called Story and StorySelling. 


And what I am doing today is offering you the opportunity to SERVE WITH STORY. 


In the Business Storytelling training, I break it down step by step for you so that it's not an overwhelming process and you are confident in the stories you have to tell. 


Now, if you already know what your story is, don't worry. If you take a look around this website,,  you will find that there are courses that you will you along each step of the way. So if you are just beginning to tell your story or if you already have your story and just need help with the publishing process, or if you need to just figure out how to now take your story from the page to the stage, I got you covered. 


Or even in the reverse. I got you covered.  


So take a look around here on Check out the About Me section. Check out the courses and see what's available. But more importantly, click that link below and come to the Business Storytelling training so we can find your story.  Alright? 


See you soon.